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A.B.C EMail Marketing



Product: ,
Niche: A.B.C EMail Marketing,Fergal Downes
Seller: Fergal Downes
Release: 7/5/2013
Payment Gateway: WarriorPlus
Price: $7 (Dimesale!)




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4.5/ 5

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This guys gives VALUE. And, I'll tell you what, he really underprices his stuff, too. So, if he said it's worth (and it's on a dimesale, too) and it's only for a measly $7 now.. well, once again (and I hate to be repetitive) I can even HEAR it, now: NO BRAINER. Now, about the product. It's very well presented, with high quality videos and very well organized presentation, too. The upsell (or OTO for most) is a very cool software that helps you make quality squeeze pages quickly. As far as I can see, he formatted it in a way that will have very high conversions - BIG deal for anyone. The cool thing is, I even have awesome WP themes to create squeeze pages, but, even so, I decided to take a shot on the software, and I was very, very pleased with it. So, wrapping this up. If you wanna start building your own list (which I have already started to do, but I'd like to study this a little more), or even if you wanna boost your efforts... THIS IS IT. PERIOD. Thanks, once again, for this great product and value, Fergal. You're rocking Warrior Forum! - Langeani


A.B.C EMail Marketing Features Start dominating email marketing with the exact same method that the top 5% of internet marketers use. Stop looking for the latest list building gimmick or wonder-tool because all you are doing is wasting your money.. Email marketing is easy! Don’t try to over complicate things! Build your email list into […]

Posted July 6, 2013 by

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